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R1 by RUN System

The Best Solution for Your Business

R1 helps increase the productivity of your company

Our Clients

R1 Main Features

Excellent features to help manage your business

Inventory Material Management

Managing the storage of material data, price inventory, transactions and recording of company goods & services inventory

Sales & Distribution Management

Handle all marketing processes and market segmentation to convert them into sales revenue

Procurement Management

Improve procurement control, flexibility and convenience to achieve company goals

Financial Management

Manage the company's financials in every business process

Accounting Management

Manage company's accounting activities in every business process

The Benefits of using R1 ERP

Manage Company Performance

Real-Time data processing helps management to control their company more quickly and precisely

Built-in Reporting

Reporting feature that helps the process of presenting data in accordance with user needs

Integrated Data Recording

Integrated recording and operational system for business productivity

Without Initial Investment

Cloud-based application with a subscription system makes it easier for users to use the system without a large investment cost


Standardized Business Process Flow with best practice in multi-industry


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